Samsung Electronics estimated to reach 2 million minority shareholders…private investors’ stake rises to 6.5% last year

기사입력 : 2021-01-05 09:06

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Souce: Samsung Electronics.
Souce: Samsung Electronics.
It is expected that Samsung Electronics will reach 2 million minority shareholders.

According to information from the banking and finance industry on Jan. 3, private investors bought 2.97%of all shares of Samsung Electronics last year, which is equivalent to 177.17million shares. On the other hand, institutional investors sold 97.55 millionshares last year, which works out to 1.64% of total share count.

As a result, private investors’ stake rose to 6.5% by end of last year while institutional investors’stake decreased to 7.1%.

At the end of 2019, private investors held 3.6% stake in Samsung Electronics, and institutionalinvestors (excluding National Pension Service) held 8.7% stake. The differencethen was by 5.1%, but with the increase of private investor buying last year, thedifference narrowed to 0.6%.

Along with this change, the number of minority shareholders of Samsung Electronics has also grownlargely.

Meanwhile, foreign investors held 55.9% stake in Samsung Electronics at the end of 2019 but byhaving a net sale of 85.57 million shares last year, foreign investors’ stakealso decreased, to 54.5%.

Lee Jeong-seon, Global Economic reporter