World’s first rollable TV by LG Electronics is now available for overseas sales

기사입력 : 2021-04-05 10:33

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World’s first rollable TV by LG Electronics is now available for overseas sales. Provide by LG Electronics
The world’s first rollable TV, manufactured by LG Electronics Inc, and which is capable of being rolled and unfolded, has become available for sales overseas.

According to industry information on Apr. 2, LG Electronics started selling the LG Signature OLED R, the electronics company’s rollable TV, overseas through its global website from the day before. The TV is being sold to 15 countries including the U.S., the UK, Russia, Germany, and France.

In consideration of the current no-contact trend that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic, the company plans to focus on online sales instead of local marketing for the time being in targeting overseas markets.

As the product comes with an ultra-high price tag of $87,000 (more than 100 million won) per unit, an overseas customer who wishes to purchase it will be directed to go through a consultation process with a local LG Electronics marketing representative of their country.

The LG Signature OLED R was first released in South Korea in October last year and targets consumers looking for the most premium products that have a high scarcity value. It measures 65 inches (about 163cm diagonally) and its retail price is 100 million won.

Users can also choose from three different viewing formats of the TV – “full view,” “line view,” and “zero view,” as termed by LG Electronics. The full view format delivers a large-screen viewing experience, while the line view format allows the LG Signature OLED R to be partially unrolled, and the zero view format involves the TV getting completely rolled in.

The rollable TV was first revealed in CES 2019 where it was recognized as an honoree of a CES Innovation Award and nabbed the Engadget Best of CES Award in the TV category. The following year, LG Electronics’ LG Signature OLED TV RX, also a rollable TV, received the Best of Innovation Award in the video displays category at CES 2020. The futuristic rollable TV has also won other accolades from globally recognized design awards competitions and programs such as the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Awards, and the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

At CES 2021, a controversy had even risen when Skyworth USA Corp, a subsidiary of Chinese company Skyworth Group Co Ltd that is also developing a rollable TV, used a picture of the LG Signature OLED R as if it were its own innovative product. Skyworth USA Corp subsequently issued a formal apology acknowledging its mistake.

The LG Signature OLED R TVs will be produced entirely at LG Electronics’ Gumi plant in South Korea and exported to overseas markets. The company explained that the process of manufacturing the TVs is similar to the method of producing premium and high-priced goods such as luxury-brand watches as the process to build the TVs, from production to quality inspection, is all done manually.

LG Electronics plans to monitor responses for its new high-tech TV from overseas markets and look into the possibility of expanding into more countries for sales in the future.

By Global Economic Reporter Hyun-Joo Han