Shinsegae’s vice Chairman Chung Yong-jin to promise refraining SNS due to boycott

기사입력 : 2021-06-09 17:57

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Photo= Shinsegae’s vice Chairman Chung Yong-jin SNS Screenshot
Shinsegae group’s vice Chairman Chung Yong-jin used the phrase "sorry and thank you" again, mourning his dog’s death.

Chung said on Instagram on the 7th, "Sylvie 2012-2021. My Sylvie brought a lot of love to me. Sorry and thank you,” with the photo of his dog covered in white cloth.

This dog is ‘Sylvie’, the pet of Chung. It seems that the funeral was held with white chrysanthemum flowers, a baseball, and a dog gum on the dog's head.

Chung was on the controversy last month that he mocked the President Moon, using the phase “Sorry and thank you.”

Chung posted a picture of the fish dish on his Instagram on the 4th, and commented in English, "sorry and thank you." The words "sorry" and "thank you" were also commented in his other post of fried rice photo. He also posted other photo of foods with the comment "OOOO OOO"

The dog’s post was immediately criticized by the pro-government-friendly online communities. They claimed that it is the same intention with which he wrote “Sorry and thank you" in English and symbols on the 25th and 26th of last month.

Some of netizen claimed that the phase ‘Sorry and thank you’ is from the President Moon’s words, “Students, you were the starlight of the candlelight revolution. Your souls became 10 million candlelights. Sorry, and thank you,” that Moon wrote on the guest book at Paengmok Port in 2017. There were also some critics that ‘The students died in the accident, it is not proper to say ‘Thank you.’”

Netizen who support pro-government party claimed that the vice president Chung express his displeasure by using the word “Sorry and thank you,” after he was criticized for his posts seems like being sarcastic about the president. The comments of the post have both of positive comments saying “Bro Yong-jin, you so cool,” and negative comments saying “You seem like being pleasant with compliments from ‘Ilbe.’”

Vice Chairman Chung also had been harshly criticized for his beef photos and comments posted on Instagram on the 28th of last month. His comment on the beef photo said, “Guys, you have built my appetite again. So many thanks,” and netizen claimed that this comment is from the former Seoul Mayor Won-soon Park’s words, “Students, you have built Korea again. So many thanks,” at the memorial altar for Sewol-ho ferry disaster in 2016.

As the criticisms arose, Chung edited Instagram post to “It was really delicious. Thank you.” Pro-government online communities claimed that the F&B chains of Shinsegae retailing, such as Starbucks and E-Mart should be immediately boycotted.

The comment saying “Sorry and thank you” is even on the photo of his dead pet, many online communities responds that it went too far. It is said why such expressions ware used in the posts for mourning.

However, there are some opinions that the post, which revealed Chung’s sadness over the death of a dog, should not be overly interpreted. Chung really expressed his intense emotions by commenting “Stop and get out from this post if you are real human,” on the spam comments.

The vice president Chung posted refraining SNS, saying “The head of the public relations department said me to stop writing words to be misunderstood,” on his Instagram last day.

By Global Economic Reporter Hee-Jin Yeon