Hankook Tire to cease two plants in Daejoen and Geumsan….. No ships for export

기사입력 : 2021-06-10 17:41

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Hankook Tire's Geumsan plant.
Hankook Tire has ceased temporarily operating two plants in Daejoen and Geumsan, for it hasn't secured ships to export.

Hankook Tire & Technologies Co., Ltd. announced on the 9th that it is planning to cease the production from 10th, and said this is for adjust production according to the issue of global shipping container shortage.

Hankook Tire is expecting the production resumption date is on this coming 13th.

It is the first time in about a year and two months that Hankook Tire's factories has stopped since the shutdown of global automobile companies in April last year.

Currently Hankook Tire’s Daejoen plant produces 24 million tires annually. Geumsan Plant also produces more than 20 million tires annually.

The sales revenue of these two plants is 2.8046 trillion won, it accounts for 40% of the total sales.

By Global Economic Reporter Hyun-Soo Kim