CL graces the cover of ‘032c’ magazine…… for the first time as Korean artist ever

기사입력 : 2021-06-10 17:46

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Photo=Team Very Cherry

CL from ‘2NE1’ has become the first Korean artist to grace the cover page of Berlin-based magazine ‘032c’.

In the cover of the summer 2021 of ‘032c’ magazine issued on June 9, CL is standing at the old street in the Seoul, with Korean signs.

032c said, “CL, the solo rap queen from K-pop star, she continue to show her leadership.”

032c is issued twice a year every summer and winter. It is well-known magazine for fashion, music and art. Many top artists have graced the cover page, such as Rihanna, Tom Cruise and Kristen J. Stewart.

“CL posted the cover page on her Instagram that she worked with best Korean staff, and commented “Made In Korea”, to show her pride of people who lead Korean K-pop culture,” said CL’s agency, Team Very Cherry.

CL is currently preparing her new album. She will be active as the producer in the program of JTBC, ‘Super Band 2,’ firstly be broadcast this coming 21th.

By Global Economic Reporter Kyung-Soo Kim