Hana Bank to obtain approval to open Taiwan branch for the first time in Korea

기사입력 : 2021-06-22 09:29

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Photo=Hana Financial group
Hana Financial group announced that it has obtained the approval to open Hana Bank’s ‘Taipei Branch’ from Financial Supervisory Commission in Taiwan for the first time as Korean bank.

Hana Bank Taipei Branch will officially open early next year after conducting administrative tasks and practical procedures for open.

“Taiwan is providing positive business environment to local companies with stable economic growth and reshoring policies despite of COVID-19 pandemic,” said Hana Financial group. “Based on the reliable financial system and the disclosure information system, we are expecting that we can attract excellent local companies and satisfy demand for trade finance.”

Hana Bank is also planning to promote localization strategy actively by hiring local professionals who can speak English and Chinese. Additionally, it is aiming to achieve performance of infra finance and aircraft finance, by collaboration with its affiliates such as Hana Financial Investment and cooperation with global financial institutions.

Hana Financial group explained that the approval is meaningful because it is the result of Hana Financial group's continuous ‘Global 2540’ strategy to expand the global financial business and revitalize investment banking (IB) operations.

Lee Jong Seoung, the vice president of Hana Financial global groups, said, “we are planning to provide high-quality financial services to Korean residents and Korean companies which entered Taiwan by opening the Taiwan Branch.”

By Global Economic Reporter Sang Il Baek