Samsung to develop eco-friendly 5G smartphone with Deutsche Telekom

기사입력 : 2021-07-01 09:27

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Samsung Galaxy S21 AD. Photo=NEWSIS
Samsung Electronics and the largest European telecommunication company Deutsche Telekom have decided to develop and release an eco-friendly smartphone product.

According to Samsung Electronics and foreign medias on the 30th, Deutsche Telekom and Samsung Electronics signed a contract for sustainable management partnerships including development of eco-friendly 5G smartphone on the 29th during mobile fair 'MWC 2021'.

Two companies will develop the eco-friendly 5G smartphone and release in the end of the 2022.

The eco-friendly smartphone is easy to be repaired and has a removable battery.

Also, two companies decided to cooperate for expanding the period of use for smartphones.

For this, they are planning to collect used phones back, and will sell them as refurbish products or reuse the components. They already operated phone collection programs Germany and Poland once, and will launch it again after expanding the target countries in October.

The two companies are also developing a joint compensation program to compensate for the recycling costs of used mobile smartphones. For example, a certain portion is donated to NGOs whenever all devices are sold.

As a major smartphone supplier for Deutsche Telekom, Samsung Electronics will reflect the sustainable business in overall device portfolios.

By Global Economic Reporter Jin Woo Noh