Naver ZEPETO to release makeup collection with Dior

기사입력 : 2021-07-19 09:24

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ZEPETO, Asia's No. 1 metaverse platform service provided by Naver Z, announced on the 16th that it has collaborated with a global fashion company LVMH Group in Paris to release makeup collection.

The collaboration with LVMH Group, which has the brand Christian Dior, is ZEPETO’s first beauty project.

The Christian Dior collection consists of a total of 9 makeup sets designed for ZEPETO by Peter Philips, the creative and image director of Christian Dior Makeup.

Naver Z reported that the world-class makeup director Peter Phillips first asked for cooperation and offered a limited sketch only for ZEPETTO, the Asia's largest metaverse.

The unveiled Dior Collection consists of various makeup sets including classic makeup looks that attract generation Z customers as well as unique and fancy style makeup. Each makeup has its unique names, such as Mod Girl (modern girl), Rainbow Liner, Cute999, and Dior kiss.

Previously, Naver Z partnered with global luxury brand, Gucci, and officially launched ‘3D Gucci Villa World Map’, which has various fashion items using Gucci’s IP (intellectual property) and background image of Florence, Italy, in ZEPETTO.

"ZEPETTO is the largest virtual market in the world with a number of popular global IPs officially located," an official of ZEPETTO said. "ZEPETTO is planning to actively cooperate with global brands to provide more differentiated experiences to users."

By Global Economic Reporter Won Yong Lee