D.P. arrested a sergeant who embezzled 400 million won and deserted from military in Vietnam

기사입력 : 2021-09-30 09:13

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Photo=Global Economic
Photo=Global Economic
A total of 3 deserters who fled abroad have been arrested by the D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) over the past 5 years.

According to the report, which was submitted to National Assembly’s Defense Committee member Kang Dae-sik of People Power Party by the Ministry of National Defense on the 29th, a total of three people have ran away from the military and fled abroad in the past five years from January 2017 to August 2021.

In particular, the D.P cooperated with Interpol to arrest a sergeant, who fled to Vietnam after embezzling 430 million won in military funds last year. The sergeant A of the Korean Army ran away to Vietnam with military funds on January 13 last year to write off his gambling debts. Korea Military Police identified his location through the Vietnam Interpol and arrested him at the Vietnamese airport on the 30th, seven days after his desertion.

In October last year, Corporal B of the Korean Air Force's 6th Search & Rescue Air Group got a two-day vacation to see a doctor at the hospital, but on the next day, he fled to Italy through Incheon International Airport. He voluntarily returned to Korea in 5 days and was booked by the military police.

There is also a case in which a soldier fled to Vietnam on December 3, 2019, and voluntarily returned on February 14 2020, 3 months later. Private first class C of the Korean Army voluntarily returned to Korea and was booked by the military police. The reason why Corporal B and Private C escaped from the military was maladaptation in the military.

“At this rate, not only soldiers deserting abroad from the service, but also soldiers fleeing to foreign countries with defense secrets cannot be restrained,” Kang Dae-sik said. “By cooperating with the Ministry of Justice, the government should prevent soldiers from leaving the country unless permitted by the commanders of the Ministry of National Defense and each military group.”

Over the past 5 years, 521 people have escaped from the military. By class, there were 37 officers, 73 non-commissioned officers, 407 soldiers, and 4 military personnel.

For the reasons for desertion, 266 cases (51.3%), more than half, were caused by maladaptation to the military service. Desertion due to concerns over punishment accounted for 13.3% with 69 cases. Economic problems, personal pessimism, family problems, and relationship problems followed.

There is also one soldier who has not been arrested. According to Kang Dae-sik, the D.P. has been chasing a soldier of army who ran away from the military in May for four months.

All other soldiers who deserted from military service belonging to the unit under the direct control of the MND, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps were arrested.

By Global Economic Reporter Tae-jun Lee ; translate by Gounee Yang