Hyundai Mobis develops a foldable steering wheel system for self-driving cars

기사입력 : 2021-10-12 09:21

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Hyundai Mobis developed the ‘foldable steering system’. Photo=Hyundai Mobis
A foldable steering wheel system for self-driving cars has been developed.

When driver fold the steering wheel in self-driving mode, a large spacious room is secured so that comfortable rest is possible and passengers can talk freely by turning the driver's seat 180 degrees.

Hyundai Mobis announced on the 11th that it has developed the ‘foldable steering system’ that can store the steering wheel of the driver's seat invisible by folding it.

It is a new technology that has not been globally commercialized before, and Hyundai Mobis successfully developed in around 2 years and is currently filling patents in Korea and overseas.

The ‘foldable steering system’ is movable to forward and back by up to 25cm.

Not only did Hyundai Mobis secure the durability and reliability by applying the new technology, but also it mounted the SBW (Steer by Wire) steering system that the company had previously developed before. The SBW is a high-tech control system that transmits steering power generated from the steering wheel to wheels through electronic signals.

Accordingly, it can automatically increase or reduce reactivity of the steering wheel at parking lots or highways to provide stability, and also provide comfortable steering that can maximize the driving experience on circuits or winding roads.

It also removed mechanical connections to filter out uncomfortable body rolls that can be transmitted to the steering wheel when passing through potholes and bumps on the road.

By Global Economic Reporter Chang-ho Lee ; translate by Gounee Yang