NCT127 ‘Sticker’ ranks on the Billboard 200 chart for 3 consecutive weeks

기사입력 : 2021-10-14 09:22

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Photo=SM Entertainment
NCT 127 has been listed on the U.S. Billboard’s main chart for three consecutive weeks.

NCT 127’s agency SM Entertainment announced on the 13th that NCT 127's third full-length album ‘Sticker,’ released on September 17, ranked 88th on the U.S. Billboard's main album chart ‘Billboard 200’ released on the 12th, and also ranked second on the ‘World Album’ chart.

NCT 127 ranked third on the ‘Billboard 200’ in the first week of release of this album, the highest ranking among K-pop songs this year. NCT 127 previously ranked first on four Billboard charts: ‘Top Album Sales’, ‘Top Current Album Sales’, ‘World Album’, and ‘Independent Album’ charts.

In addition, NCT 127 surpassed 2.27 million album sales in September, following achieving the ‘double million-seller’ in a week with their 3rd full-length album. They have proven their strong music power by ranking first in daily, weekly, and monthly domestic album charts, topping the music chart, and winning 10 prizes on music shows.

NCT 127 is going to release their 3rd full-length repackage album ‘Favorite’ on the 25th.

By Global Economic Reporter Han-nah Lee ; translate by Gounee Yang