Samsung Electronics ranked No.1 on the ‘world’s best employers’ selected by Forbes for 2 consecutive years

기사입력 : 2021-10-14 09:23

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Samsung Electronics ranked first in the ‘world's best employers’ rankings selected by the U.S. economic magazine Forbes this year following last year.

According to the business industry on the 13th, Samsung Electronics ranked first in the ‘World's Best Employers 2021’ rankings selected and announced by Forbes. The second was IBM and the third was Micro Soft (MS) in the U.S.

It was followed by Amazon (4th) and Apple (5th). The U.S.’ Alphabet ranked 6th, Dell Technologies ranked 7th, China’s Huawei ranked 8th, The U.S.’ Adobe ranked 9th, and Germany’s BMW Group ranked 10th.

Due to the COVID-19 impact, mainly IT, software, and telecommunication companies were listed in the top 10 this year following last year.

It is analyzed that Samsung Electronics ranked first for 2 consecutive years by strengthening the brand image through active investment in future business and responding well to the COVID-19 situation.

Among Korean companies, Amore Pacific (31th), LG (43th), KB Financial Group (48th), Nong Shim (51th), Korea National Oil Corporation (66th), Naver (79th) and Mando (92th) ranked in the top 100.

Forbes collaborated with German polling agency Statista to conduct a survey of 150,000 workers from 58 countries, and ranked top 750 companies.

By Global Economic Reporter Hyun-ju Han ; translate by Gounee Yang