“Work-from-home is over, office work is resumed”… Companies are recovering their daily life under the ‘With Corona’

기사입력 : 2021-10-19 09:26

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With the beginning of the ‘With Corona Era,’ companies have also become busy. While easing the quarantine rules that have been strictly applied until now, they are preparing for a totally different daily life from before.

Although it is still being operated conservatively, companies decided to resume face-to-face meetings and overseas business trips. The proportion of employees who work from home will be also gradually reduced.

According to the quarantine authorities on the 18th, the government is preparing for a ‘phased recovery of daily life (With Corona)’ from next month.

It reflected the recent increase in the fully vaccination rate among adults aged 18 or older to 75.1% as of 0 o'clock the previous day. Previously the government said several times that if the fully vaccination rate reaches 70% of the entire population, 80% of adults, and 90% of the elderly, it is possible to adopt ‘With Corona.’

With the expansion of vaccination, Samsung Electronics announced a new quarantine guideline on the 7th. It has changed the rule that business trips must obtain approval from the management support office at the enterprise level to its own determination by each division. In addition, if the PCR test is negative after an overseas business trip, 14-day self-quarantine will be exempted.

It has also resumed face-to-face meetings and training at the office. But the meeting is limited to 10 people, and the training is operated for up to 20 people. Shuttle buses for employees between workplaces such as Suwon and Hwaseong have been resumed its operation within 50% of the capacity.

Hyundai Motor Group also announced that it will allow face-to-face meetings and trainings only for fully vaccinated people, and will also resume executive restaurants.

It is going to gradually ease quarantine regulations when the quarantine authorities release more guidelines related to With Corona.

Hanwha Group also decided to allow face-to-face meetings of less than eight people based on quarantine guidelines. Also, it will allow business trips at home and abroad only for fully vaccinated people, and is planning to gradually ease regulations related to private gatherings.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group has recently eased its quarantine guidelines only in Ulsan branches since the 1st.

It has recommended minimizing domestic business trips, which had previously been completely banned, only for essential tasks, and expanded the number of people allowed for face-to-face meetings from 10 to 15. It has also eased the regulation on group training, which was only allowed for less than 10 people, to less than 20.

However, some companies are still cautious. They are planning to maintain strict quarantine regulations until government’s official guidelines are issued.

By Global Economic Reporter Jung-hee Kim ; translate by Gounee Yang