S. Korea to send non-lethal military and medical supplies to Ukraine

기사입력 : 2022-03-16 10:28

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The South Korean government announced on the 15th that it will send non-lethal military supplies to Ukraine, which is fighting against Russia’s invasion.

Boo Seung-chan, spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, said at the regular breeding, “The government has decided to supply non-lethal military supplies to Ukraine.”

Spokesman Boo said, “As for details, including transportation and other issues, the consultations are under way.”

About 20 items will be shipped to Ukraine. 12 items are the military supplies, including combat helmets, blankets, emergency foods, and military folding cots. Other items are the medical supplies. The total amount of the supplies supported to Ukraine is about 1 billion won.

The military supplies are expected to be shipped by air. As early as this week or next week at least, the supplies will be sent to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Defense announced on the 15th that a direct communication channel with the Russian Navy and Air Force is set to open. Spokeperson Boo said, “We were notified earlier this year that Russia’s communication network has been installed. The official opening is expected to take place after a test-call between the two countries.”

by Global Economic Reporter Dae-min Chung ; Translate by Gounee Yang