DJ Koo-Barbie Hsu’s photos released for the first time since marriage

기사입력 : 2022-04-19 09:39

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DJ Koo (Koo Jun-yup) and Barbie Hsu.
DJ Koo (Koo Jun-yup) and Barbie Hsu.
Music producer DJ Koo (Koo Jun-yup, 53) and actress Barbie Hsu (46)’s photos were unveiled for the first time since their marriage.

On the 17th, photos of the two were posted on various online communities and SNS. Taiwanese media, including China Times and ET Today, also reported that DJ Koo and Barbie Hsu had a date at a restaurant in Taiwan. In the photos, the two stars sat together and showed off their adorable relationship.

Korean online community users also posted comments on their photos, saying, “Look nice,” “Looks good from behind,” and “I want to meet him in Korea as well.” DJ Koo had a performance at a club in Taipei, Taiwan, on the 15th (local time) for the first time since the marriage to Barbie Hsu. MC and singer Dee Hsu, a younger sister of Barbie Hsu, also appeared to support DJ Koo.

Koo Jun-yeop and Barbie Hsu, who were in a relationship 20 years ago, announced their marriage on SNS on March 8. The two have completed the marriage registration in both Korea and Taiwan. Barbie Hsu married to Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei in 2011 but divorced in November last year. Recently, Barbie Hsu denied the rumors of Koo Jun-yup’s deportation and secret wedding ceremony.

By Global Economic Reporter Da-jeong Kim ; Translate by Gounee Yang