Big Bang’s G-Dragon on CHANEL Connects podcast

기사입력 : 2022-06-15 09:40

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French luxury brand Chanel said Tuesday that K-pop group Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Hong Kyung-pyo, the cinematographer of the film ‘Parasite,’ appeared on its podcast “CHANEL Connects.”

Chanel Connects is podcast content organized by Chanel’s Art & Culture department, and recently unveiled the season 2.

In the season 2, which consists of 8 episodes, G-Dragon, English actress Maisie Williams, Canadian singer Grimes, and Korean-American installation artist Anicka Yi appear.

G-Dragon and cinematographer Hong appeared in the episode 7 of the season 2, and will talk about the theme of “The Power of Sound and Visual.”

Chanel said, “It is the only Korean-language episode, and the first CHANEL Connects held in other language other than English and French. It will remind us of the high status of K-content.”

By Global Economic Reporter Da-jeong Kim ; Translate by Gounee Yang