Extraordinary Attorney Woo tops Netflix’s non-English series

기사입력 : 2022-08-11 09:44

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ENA’s series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has topped Netflix’s latest weekly viewership chart of non-English TV shows again.

According to Netflix official site’s “Netflix Top 10” chart on the 10th, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” marked 67.01 million hours of viewing for the week of August 1-7, ranking No.1 on the Netflix’s non-English TV show chart. This is the fourth time that the drama topped the chart.

The “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which was released on June 29, did not enter the top 10 in the first week, but topped the chart for 2 weeks from the second week of July (4-10) to the third week (11-17).

In the fourth week of July (18-24), it fell one notch to the second behind the Spanish TV series “Alba,” but regained the top position again in the fifth week (25-31).

The viewing hours of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” continues to increase every week.

It recorded 23.95 million hours in the second week of July, but increased to 45.58 million hours in the third week, 55.07 million hours in the fourth week, 65.63 million hours in the fifth week, and 67.01 million hours in the first week of August.

The “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” featuring Park Eun-bin, depicts a story of the new lawyer named Woo Young-woo, who is brilliant but has the autism spectrum.

In addition, tvN’s TV seires “Alchemy of Souls” (4th, 21.1 million hours) and Netflixl original series “Remarriage & Desires” (10th, 7.54 million hours) have also ranked in the top 10 on the non-English TV series chart.

By Global Economic Reporter Yong-jun Yeo ; Translate by Gounee Yang