Samsung, LG Electronics expand investment in R&D and facilities despite economic slowdown

기사입력 : 2022-11-16 09:42

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Despite uncertain global business environment, Samsung Electronics has invested more than 18 trillion won in research and development (R&D) until the third quarter of this year. LG Electronics has also expanded its investment in facilities as well as R&D.

According to Samsung Electronics’ third-quarter report on Tuesday, Samsung Electronics has invested a total of 18.4556 trillion won in R&D until the third quarter of this year.

It is an increase of 14.0% from last year (16.1857 trillion won), up 2.2699 trillion won. R&D to sales ratio was 8.0%, similar to last year (8.1%).

Facility investment was 32.9632 trillion won in the third quarter of this year. This is a decrease of 529.4 billion won (1.6%) from 33.4926 trillion won last year. It spent 29.1021 trillion won in the DS (semiconductor) sector, 2.738 trillion won in the SDC (display) sector, and 1.7873 trillion won in other sectors.

Samsung Electronics said, “We will continue to invest in facilities to strengthen competitiveness and respond to future demand. However, the company will make facility investment by flexibly responding to market changes and considering efficiency for solid growth.”

LG Electronics has also increased its investment in R&D. According to the third-quarter report, LG Electronics’ R&D expenses were 2.9697 trillion won, up 400 billion won (15.6%) from 2.5697 trillion won last year. The R&D to sales ratio was 4.8%, the same as last year.

Facility investment was 2.9091 trillion won in the third quarter, up 729.7 billion won (33.5%) from last year (2.1794 trillion won). It invested 1.6581 trillion won, more than half of its total investment, in other sectors such as developing new models and improving productivity. It also spent 588.6 billion won in the H&A (home appliance) sector and 431.5 billion won in the VS (electronics) sector.

LG Electronics plans to invest an additional 1.6578 trillion won by the end of the year. The annual facility investment this year is expected to be 4.5669 trillion won.

By Global Economic Reporter Sang-hoon Park ; Translate by Gounee Yang