S. Korea revises law to produce petrochemical products with plastic pyrolysis oil

기사입력 : 2022-11-29 09:44

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Waste plastic pyrolysis oil can be used as raw material for petrochemical products. It is also expected that waste coffee grounds and mushroom mediums will be used for power generation.

The Ministry of Environment said Monday that the revision of the Enforcement Rules of the Waste Management Act and the Construction Waste Act will take effect on the 29th.

The revision of the Waste Management Act includes ways to expand recycling types so that waste plastic pyrolysis oil can be recycled as raw materials for petrochemical products. Under the current law, plastic pyrolysis oil can only be reused as a boiler fuel.

The revised bill defines the waste plastic pyrolysis oil production facility as a recycling facility, not an incineration facility.

If the revision is implemented, coffee grounds and waste mushroom mediums will be used as fuel for thermal and cogeneration plants. Waste mushroom medium is a mixture of the remaining medium and mushroom mycelium. Coffee grounds can be used as livestock bedding materials or as ceramics.

By Global Economic Reporter Yong-seok Jang ; Translate by Gounee Yang